Shipping Information

Shipping is done worldwide, in safely marked packages that are not making mention about Hemp Oil, so delivery is very secure.   We have 2 different options now for shipping.

1) Free shipping, included by normal,  is standard Post, usually delivery time is 1-3 weeks around the world.   Sometimes with slow mail mail problems it may take 3-5 weeks with delays (like Holiday or delayed package).  If you do not receive the package in 3 weeks after payment, please contact us and we will investigate into it!  If we do not hear message after 3 weeks, then the order is finalized.

2) Express Shipping, 50 cost, Tracking and Delivery Guarantee (up to 600€ insurance), usually 2 days - 7 days time delivery (depends on the destination).  If you do not receive the package in 8 days from payment, please contact us and we will investigate into it!  If we do not hear from you within 10 days, then the order is finalized.

Here is the policy for shipping guarantee

1) Express shipping, at least 600€ guarantee for reship, if something happens to the package, at minimum we will reship 600 worth of your order, possibly more depending on the circumstances and evidence given. 

2) Free shipping, depending on the situation we can replace the order for free if something happens.  Please send us information about your package if it does not arrive, usually evidence like a message from the post office or courier will be proof it does not arrive.

In cases of wrong address given, then we cannot give a refund since the package does not get returned to us. 

If customs takes a package because they will detect hemp oil (its rare but does occur sometimes), they will write you a letter explaining that they took the package.  if you show us this letter we can usually reship your order for no cost up to a certain amount, keep this to show us to prove that your order is taken.

If you are worried about problems with shipping, we can divide large order into smaller package.  For example, if you order 20x tubes, we can divide it into 5x4 package.  This way, if something happens to 1 package, the insurance will cover the reship for free.  Dividing orders into smaller packages is free, however for each express shipping package it will cost normal fee.