Purchase and Payment Information

Hello, currently our orders can be paid through a variety of methods, including Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal and direct Bank Account/SEPA/SWIFT and Bitcoin .    E-Mail for details about payment once your order is made. max@hempoilshop.nl.  Here is the process to make an order:

1) Place your order using the store secure checkout, and receive a total purchase amount total

2) Choose your payment method, these are fees/charges for different payment methods

  • Bank Transfer: (SEPA/IBAN/SWIFT (EUR/USD)
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin/Coinbase/247Exchange -6% discount buy Bitcoin using SEPA / iDeal / Bank Transfer / Bitcoin ATM*

3) Contact us with your preferred choice when making the order!

4) after order is received well, no refunds will be given

For Bitcoin payment, you can make the order normally, then once you have the order number you can submit payment here.

Bitcoin Information and Instructions

Note for Bitcoin:  To send payment with bitcoin, please use the above "Bitcoin Order Payment" tool, make sure to include your order number also.  You get your order number after you complete the checkout process.

*Instructions to buy Bitcoin through Coinbase using SEPA/iDeal/Bank Transfer.

1) Create an account with Coinbase.com and input your information to verify

2) You can now "deposit" into the account, using payment method.  If you choose Bank/SEPA, they will give you the banking information.  (Remember, we give you 6% discount here)

3) Your deposit will be credited to your account once the payment clears

4) Once your account is credited, then you can send payment from your account to us, please contact for details.

5) Payment is done!  We save money on processing fees using this, thats why we offer the discount savings to you.

*Instructions to buy Bitcoin through Cash/Bitcoin ATM