Dosage, How To Use and Choosing Product

Choosing The Right Product

For cancer, the recommendation is to have the highest THC type of oil possible.   High THC is what we think is the main best ingredient to fight cancer.  It may also help to have some CBD also, so some oils will have both THC and CBD, but you should choose the one with higher THC for cancer.  Currently in available stock, this would be recommended product:

HIgh THC Hemp Oil

Also, for starting out treatment (first time), you may want to use a weaker product (lower THC %) for the first month.  This will help adjustment and make dosing easier starting out until you can take higher concentrations and dose.  Since with the cancer treatment, you start with low doses, and gradually increase as you are able to, it may be OK to start with a lower strength or less expensive type of THC oil.   You can usually find a product that is less strong, it will be in one of the "30ml" type products, or possible just normal THC product with lower price.  A lower price means that the strength is also lower usually, since prices relate to the concentration strength.  Currently this product would be suitable

30ml THC

For other diseases, you can experiment with several different products, some having high CBD (useful for seizures or epilepsy), others with THC, or different mixtures and ratios for pain.  Its hard to say exactly which product is best for other diseases, since there are so many different types of treatments and each person is different, so you may have to experiment with what works best for you!  You can view the full product availability page here. 


We recommend for people to start the use of the oil very slowly in the first 1-2 days (1-2x a day very small amounts).  From this point increase dose each day (moving up to 3x a day) as comfortable.  The goal of the oil is to move up to high doses 2-3x a day to be most effective and have highest medical effect.

Oil can be taken directly through mouth, or also mixed with food, tea or other.  It is also recommended, if possible, when taking the oil to keep it in your mouth for 30 seconds to absorb, then swallow like food.

Suggested oil chart, for treating cancer.   Each day dose can be split into multiple doses (for example 2-3x per day).

Week 1: ,2ml (.2) per day

Week 2: ,4ml (.4) per day

Week 3: ,6ml (.6) per day

Week 4: ,8ml (.8) per day

Week 5: 1ml per day

Week 6: 1,2  (1.2) ml per day

Week 7+: continue on at 1,2ml (1.2) per day, or if possible take higher dose to be more effective

For cancer prevention (if you currently do not have cancer but want to take the oil anyways), you can lower the dose to 2-3 times per week, or even less to a few times per month.  It does not have to be everyday dose or high dosage.

For usage of oil, it may be needed to heat the tube to easily get it out.  For this, you can put it in the microwave or hot water for several seconds.  In some cases, even heating the tube will still be difficult to get the oil out.  In this case, we recommend to cut open the tube completely (with a knife), then remove the entire contents into a small bowl.  Then, mix in a cooking oil (like Olive oil, Coconut oil) with the hemp oil and mix it in well.  This will make it into something much easier to work with, and still give same medicinal benefits.  Store in refriderator or cold area.

Long term storage of oil or tubes should be in dark area, and cold if possible (freezer).   Oil can be in storage for several years if stored properly without losing quality or potency.

Further information here.