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Current out of stock of THC products!  We are traveling so response to email will is delayed for some time.  We only release the top quality Hemp Oil, laboratory tested for high quality and verified no contamination with toxin or pollutants.  So, we do not have it available now, and instead of releasing a lesser quality product that is not tested, we will not have any product available until only the best is available!  sorry for the delay everyone, it is taking much longer than expected. :(

Thank you for visiting our website.  Hempoilshop.nl is a place for "Rick Simpson" hemp oil for people who are not able to make it themselves, and wish to obtain it.   Based in the Netherlands, we have several years experience with making the oil, also our staff comes with experience from Czech Republic, Spain, USA and Greece.


Our highest priorities are integrity and quality, as we are aware there are many dishonest people out there who are scammers who will never deliver any oil, or it will be very low quality and not tested.  To address this, we test every single batch of hemp oil with the best laboratories in the world, including labs in the Netherlands and the United States.  In addition, for buyer protections and security we offer discrete fully guaranteed deliveries worldwide and 3rd party escrow services.


Netherlands is home to some of the best quality oils and buds in the world, with lots of experience in this area of medical hemp.  More recently we focused on making Rick Simpson type oil to specifically treat serious medical conditions for people who may have run out of other treatment options.  We have growers through Europe, lots of experience and satisfied customers, and use high quality laboratory testing. You will find that we are the best source to purchase medical hemp oil currently available that we know about.


Ordering instructions and payment details are here.


Customer service email max@hempoilshop.nl - Max

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Pure CBD oil

Pure CBD oil

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